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How to Love - Katie Cotugno

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reena Montero has loved Sawyer LeGrande for as long as she can remember: as natural as breathing, as endless as time. But he's never seemed to notice that Reena even exists until one day, impossibly, he does. Reena and Sawyer fall in messy, complicated love. But then Sawyer disappears from their humid Florida town without a word, leaving a devastated—and pregnant—Reena behind.

Almost three years have passed, and there's a new love in Reena's life: her daughter, Hannah. Reena's gotten used to being without Sawyer, and she's finally getting the hang of this strange, unexpected life. But just as swiftly and suddenly as he disappeared, Sawyer turns up again. Reena doesn't want anything to do with him, though she'd be lying if she said Sawyer's being back wasn't stirring something in her. After everything that's happened, can Reena really let herself love Sawyer LeGrande again?

Reena is a very quiet girl, smart, responsible. Or at least she was. She was like that before Sawyer. But Sawyer left and everything changed. Now she has a baby girl to take care of and suddenly Sawyer is back in her life.
How to love is a very complex story about love, family, choices and consequences. We get to see the Before and the After, Teenage Reena vs Mom Reena. So many things have changed in her life, she has moved on from Sawyer, but there are many things that she has not moved on about and they both have to reconcile in many aspects.
It was a nice book, a good and interesting story. The only downside for me was the lenght and the pace. It felt too slow in a lot of moments and things were just not moving forward at all. But in the end there are some beautiful scenes, they broke my heart. It's a story filled with feelings and it talks about many things we see everyday. I liked it, it was the first of Katie Cotugno's books I read and I definitely want to read more.

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